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"Thank you so much Meredith! You seem to know just about everything! Everything you send me really helps me and gets
me thinking about things that have usually slipped my mind."

"We couldn't have done it without you, Meredith! I'm still amazed at how beautifully you put our vision into action!"

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for an absolutely terrific wedding - we couldn't have done it without you!"

"Hiring Meredith was the best planning decision of my life! She was my rock throughout everything. We hired her for a day of coordinator but she was really there for everything. She made sure I was ok and when it came time to say our "I do's" she made sure it was the day of my dreams, and it was! It was the perfect day and most of that was thanks to her!! I highly recommend her to any brides looking for a coordinator and you really can't beat her prices!"

"I cannot begin to thank you for all you did for us on our wedding day. You surpassed every expectation that my parents, Mike and I had. You are made for this job. I seriously cannot put into words how much I appreciate everything you did, including keeping this bride calm throughout the day. Everything you followed through on was absolutely perfect and I cannot imagine my day without you and your help. You are so talented and it also helps that you're cool, too! :) Thank you a million times for your hard work and giving my parents, Mike and I all peace of mind. Mike kept going on and on about you throughout our honeymoon about how amazing you were! And when your GROOM notices something like that, you know you're awesome at your job! Our day was perfect, in large part to YOU... "

"There are not enough words to describe how AMAZING Meredith is. I planned my whole wedding down to every single detail, so I didn't need help with the execution of the plans, but I we DID need someone to make sure everything went off without a hitch. Meredith was the best decision we made. She is so detail-oriented and organized and she thinks of everything. We met several times throughout the time leading up to the wedding and she triple-checked every note she took from our conversations. She knew who everyone was the day of the wedding and responded IMMEDIATELY to my every question or concern.

She was a source of calm for me from the moment I met her until the last centerpiece was picked up off of the tables after the reception. We were SO impressed with the way she made everything flow and how she remembered exactly how I told her everything should be set up and executed. Throughout the night, if we stopped to look for her, she was at our side in an instant...her constant, watchful eye was always on the VIPs (my groom, my parents, his parents and the wedding party) in case we needed anything.

The only thing that I was bummed about was knowing we were done working together. She is not only good at her job, but she's so much fun to work with. I would look no further! She is the BEST in the business!"
- Stacie & Mike

"Meredith was SO SO SO amazing!!! The Hubby and I could not have dreamed up a better wedding planner! She was all too wonderful! This is what she was born to do."
- Brittany & Mick

"Jackie took all of the worry and stress out of such a big day and allowed me to truly enjoy myself. The day went perfectly and it wouldnt have been the same without her! She is very thorough and professional and I would recommend her to everyone!!"
- Julie & Kyle

"Meredith and Jackie were fabulous. Everything on our day was taken care of and beyond. They provided a great service for a great price. Best money I spent on my wedding!"
- Katie & Justin

"Marisa was terrific! Our day went as smoothly as I could have imagined, having her there to deal with the details and the various caterers let us enjoy our day completely. We couldn't have asked for anything more!"
- Laura & Eric

"Meredith, I'm still crying over how grateful I was to have you a part of my day. You were amazing & my day was perfect! People still talk about how amazing the wedding was and you kept me calm and happy! The only sad thing about the wedding being over is that I will no longer be working with you!

I started working with Meredith Nov. 2011 and got married 11/9/12. Meredith was a godsend. I decided to hire a wedding planner because my mother-in-law, who was helping me with the majority of my planning passed away and I felt so lost without her help. I came to Meredith with just a few ideas I had already worked on and she took me by the hand and helped me plan my perfect wedding.

Meredith gave me ideas and never stepped on any of my crazy wedding day dreams; She made sure I was up to date with my DIY projects and always kept track of the ideas that I had even forgotten about. She worked tirelessly with wedding vendors making sure contracts were fair and answered any questions the vendors had.

If you hire her for day-of coordinating then that's a great choice but I would recommend every bride to hire for your entire wedding experience. Meredith is professional, loyal and she was truly looking out for my best interest. I trusted her to make my day perfect and she truly did not disappoint me. I didn't have to worry about a thing & any mistakes or problems that happened on wedding day I did not even notice. Guests at my wedding said it was the best wedding they had ever attended and I know it's because of how Meredith made my wedding day go by so smoothly."
- Sharda & Dan

"As the mother of the Bride planning my daughter's wedding in MN from CA I was doing a lot of research on line where I came across Bride Support. We hired Meredith for the day-of coordination and we are very pleased we did. Meredith was very professional, organized, friendly and resourceful! She was always available to answer questions and did a great job creating a timeline for the wedding day. Meredith was a great help for everyone during rehearsal, ceremony and setting up at the reception. She even went out of her way to come and pick up the favors the night before! Meredith did an awesome job!"
- Athena

"As a born party planner myself, it is my duty to tell the world that Meredith from Bride Support is an absolute Rock Star when it comes to coordinating a wedding! From the moment we first connected I was impressed. When I sent out inquiry emails to several planners, she was the only one who got back to me within minutes (the others got back to me days later). I felt like she had my back throughout the entire process. Every frantic email I sent her and every weird request I asked of her and every crazy question I couldn't find the answer to, she was their to help me, to relax me and to make me feel like this day was going to happen just the way I planned it in my head, and it certainly did. And this is coming from a party hostess who can never sit still at her own parties, always feeling like I need to tend to something to keep the party going, I knew I needed someone I could trust to do the job as good as me... She was better! My wedding was definitely not a textbook wedding, it was outdoors at an old run down camp with very few amenities and no support staff on duty. The way Meredith took charge of the day and the duties needed to be accomplished to recreate this space to make it magical is beyond me. Not a single detail was forgotten by her (and trust me, I am painfully detailed). I didn't have to move a muscle the entire day, except to walk down the aisle, dance, take pictures and spend time with my loved ones. If I had to do this all over again, you can guarantee Meredith would be by my side."
- Ashley & Tom

"I'm so glad I hired Meredith for day-of coordination. She did a great job with organizing everything and made sure that my day went as smoothly as possible, which it did :) She always replied to my emails, no matter how small the issues were. Great job!!!"
- Van & Charles

"Bride Support was the BEST choice I made for my wedding day. We used their team to help execute at our reception site due to how our wedding was arranged. Meredith was timely in her communications, established quickly we could trust her, was excellent with the details, friendly through out the process and offered some great advice to help enhance our ideas. She was worth twice the price we paid. Literally, of all of the vendors I worked with for our wedding she was #1!"
- Karin & Marty

"Meredith from Bride Support is fantastic. We had heard from other couples that a day-of coordinator was a must, but now that I look back on it, I simply could not imagine my wedding day and the weeks proceeding it without Meredith's help. Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming process, and my fiance and I had most things lined up, but we definitely felt the crunch toward the end. Meredith really helped relieve our stress. From communicating with and organizing our vendors to doing a walk through of the ceremony and reception site, she was really with us every step of the way. We did a lot of DIY things, so it was also super helpful to have Meredith take those items off of our hands a few days before the wedding--one less thing to worry about transporting to the venue. She helped us create and finalize our day of schedule and remembered all of the tiny things that had slipped my mind in the process. I tend to be a control freak, but the day of my wedding I felt totally confident leaving things in Meredith's hands...she really put all of those little final touches on things that made the venue look amazing. Meredith helped keep things on schedule throughout the ceremony and reception and made sure that the day was just as we wanted. Even my parents were blown away by all of Meredith's amazing work. After going through the whole thing, I see how important it is to have that extra help, and as I said early, I could not imagine doing a wedding without Meredith. My wedding day was so stress-free, and I know that would not have been possible without Bride Support."
- Abby & Arthur

"I can't say enough good things about Bride Support. I met with Meredith from Bride Support early-on in my wedding planning; working with her was by far the best choice I made (except for my choice in who to marry!) for my wedding. I had so many out-of-the-ordinary ideas, and she made them happen. From getting married in the middle of a city street, to having a Hollywood-like step-and-repeat as an "un-photobooth", she made it all go over seamlessly! She was so flexible with all my decision changes (believe me, I made them daily!), and never made me feel like the jumbled bride I probably was. No matter what time of day I emailed her with my frustrations or concerns, she was always quick with a response, usually fixing everything! The best thing was that on my wedding day I felt like she actually cared that the day was perfect. She was behind the scenes making everything happen, and was by my side when I turned around to look for her. Bride Support was really this bride's best friend!"
- Riley & Cameron

"Are you looking for a wedding planner or day-of coordinator? You can stop now. Hire Bride Support. You will not be sorry!

I hired Meredith of Bride Support as a day-of coordinator for my October wedding. There were a lot of things to juggle for the day of my wedding-- I did my own flowers from the farmer's market, we had to bring our own bar, we needed to orchestrate bocce ball during cocktail hour, and we planned to do a donut table with the donuts on cake stands instead of a traditional wedding cake. So, in addition to all the other organizational tasks, Meredith had a lot on her plate.

It was never a problem for Meredith She took everything in stride, she was always a calming and fun presence, and her organization was impeccable. Not only was all the decor and setup exactly as I pictured it, but Meredith was there with a glass of wine when mine was nearing empty, and bobby pins when I didn't notice a piece of hair had fallen out of my updo. Her presence was indispensable!

Not only was she great on the day-of the wedding, but Meredith was very helpful before the wedding with suggestions and being a listening ear for my concerns. It's no wonder that as the reception was winding down, my bridesmaids said to me, "Do you think we could go out for cocktails with Meredith sometime?" :)
- Suzanne & Al

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